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Our current range is described below. Each bowl, specially designed for maximum dispersal effect, contains a set of all seven candles. Individual refill candles are available from your supplier.

LAVENDER (Pale Blue)   Helps you to relax and to overcome fear. Alleviates headache, sore throat and nausea. Good for insomniacs and the thumping head of a hangover. Stimulates the immune system.

ROSEMARY (Dark Blue)   Stimulates your mental and physical faculties. Ideal for tiredness, lethargy, indecisiveness, lack of concentration and disorientation after frenetic activity. Helps to sharpen and focus the mind and clear any `morning after' fuzziness. An excellent balm for migraine sufferers. (WARNING: Not to be used during pregnancy or by sufferers from epilepsy or high blood pressure.)

YLAN YLAN (Red) A calming influence in the face of stress. An excellent antidote to anger, irascibility, irritability, suspiciousness and jealousy. Also a confidence inspirer for feelings of timidity, lack of self-esteem and general detachment from the world. Renowned as an aphrodisiac and said to counteract feelings of guilt (a useful combination).

GERANIUM (Orange) The therapy for those occasions when your body has become out of balance - irregular periods, pregnancy, post-pregnancy changes and menopause. Will help to bring any physical changes or swings of mood back onto an even keel.

LEMON GRASS (Yellow) A room freshener and deodorizer par excellence, and in summer a highly effective insect repellant. A powerful tonic, particularly tar those debilitated by illness, and a potent sterilizer and disinfectant where there are infectious diseases about.

CLARY SAGE (Pale Green) An all-purpose pick-me-up and stimulant. Good for exhaustion, depression, negativity and mental strain. Helps overcome daustrophobia and the debilitating effects of PMT. An excellent aid in breaking addictions and has a calming effect on hyperactivity. (WARNING: Not to used during pregnancy.)

EUCALYPTUS (Dark Green) An excellent remedy for all respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, congestion and sinusitis. It is highly beneficial as a treatment for the unpleasant symptoms of colds and flu.

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