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The knowledge of the healing, balancing and recuperative qualities of the essential oils of aromatic plants is not new. The ancient Egyptians made extensive use of them and the early Greeks and Romans refined their remedial application into an effective art. Many folk cultures have employed them as curatives and restoratives, and their use is regarded as part of normal medical practice, and indeed everyday living, in Eastern countries today.

Scientists have recently found a direct connection between the sense of smell and the limbic system of the brain which governs the secondary senses of emotion and memory. in other words, science has proved that certain aromas can trigger subconscious emotional states and responses, a discovery that would not have surprised a Mayan Indian Medicine Man, nor a French Petfumier in Napoleonic times.

Aromatherapy is fast becoming recognised as an effective treatment for many physical and emotional disorders, free of side-effects and without recourse to drugs. It can also help to reduce stress, stimulate the immune system, alleviate respiratory ailments, and generally foster health and well-being.

GLENELG CANDLES have developed a unique system of administering a range of aromatherapy treatments without fiddly, time-consuming preparations and applications. Just float an aromatherapy candle in a bowl of water and light it.

Each candle contains a measured amount of the essential oil of an aromatic plant, and it will slowly release its therapeutic perfume over a period of about two hours. We recommend that you do not mask its effect with cooking odours or cigarette smoke, and that you relax nearby while it burns. As the candle floats in water, it is perfectly safe. An aromatherapy candle can be used on any occasion to create a pleasant relaxing atmosphere to suit your mood.

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